Friday, April 1, 2011


SGECT - Sri Gomathi Educational &Charitable Trust
Subalakshmi Institute of Paramedical Science,
152-A, Lokabiram Street,
Near E.B. Office Bangalore Road,
Krishnagiri Krishnagiri - 635001.
Tamil Nadu

Karmayogi :Thangam Chellaperumal
Tel : 04343- 239464 (8 am - 7pm)
Website on Karmayog -

Contact Person - Dr CSubashini BEMS VP
Phone Work - 239464  (8 am - 7pm)
Phone Cell - 9842606812  (8 am - 9pm)

16/30 west car street
Tirunelveli dist.
Cell No :9865130661

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  1. Cardiovascular Disease in Bangladesh & How Zapper can help prevent it

    Cardiovascular disease is mostly related with our vessel and heart. This disease is also called heart disease. Majority percent people identify this disease at the last of the moment. When Disease reaches to atherosclerosis, the condition then gradually blocks arteries. Finally it affects total cardiovascular system.

    Different types of cardiovascular disease are:
    • Heat failure.
    • Coronary artery disease.
    • Cardiac arrhythmia.
    • Failure at the right side of the heart( Cor pulmonale)
    • Heart valve problem.
    Main Reason:
    Smoking and diabetes is mainly responsible for the problem. But high blood pressure, age, hyperglycemia, obesity, lack of physical exercise, excessive fatty food eating is also responsible for this problem.

    Heart Disease condition in Bangladesh:
    Cardiovascular disease affection rate are increasing day by day. Cause majority percent people don't care about diet controlling and unconscious about physical fitness.
    World health organization published latest data in April 2011, Heart disease reached 17.11%. Death rate is 203 per 100000 population. Bangladesh rank is 25 in the world.
    When a person starts drinking pure water then automatically it prevents different types of disease. So, indirectly fresh water helps to prevent cardiovascular disease.
    One factor that is now reported to increase cardiac problems is inflammation from dental infection.
    The potential use of devices such as ParaZapper™ for dental infections may have benefit in the reduction of cardiac failure. It is amazing that ParaZapper™ can kill germs from water in as little as 1 hour.
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